Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pom Pom Peeps at PSU's Autzen Gallery

Dial-a-Cheer is always available, but now you can visit the Autzen Gallery and order up your cheer while watching cheers and fondling pom poms!
The Autzen Gallery is on the second floor of Neuberger Hall on PSU's campus.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dial-a-Cheer visits New York

Dial-a-Cheer will do a workshop at apexart on Thursday, February 18 at 11am. This Cheer-a-thon is open to anyone who wants to be a cheerleader for an hour. We will learn the basics of cheerleading. We'll listen to cheer requests and make custom cheers. Prerequisite: a willingness to jump around a little. Or?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cheer for Haiti

A Cheer for Haiti
Could be deemed cavalier
The failings of an infrastructure
bring us fear
But here I am doing it
Let's Cheer-
Haiti and Haitians!
Haiti and Haitians!
Haiti and Haitians!
Find Strength!

Cheer for Katy

Katy Katy
You're with child
Wow that's neat
and quite a feat
Speaking fo feet
I bet they hurt
and your whole body
may feel burnt
But it's just for a limited time!
So take good care
and you'll find there
is Robin by your side
To bring this child
into your lives
with Joy Joy Joy!
Congratulations Katy!

Cheer for Nicolas

The intention was mine
but you may not get this cheer on time
Hope it was swell
and the tutors did well
ignored history!

Cheer for Erik

Hey Erik
Good News for You
There are lots of flakes here too
Put your foot down
Walk around town
with pride and patience and a good looking suit
and a snazzy business card to boot
If they don't get it
one day they'll regret it
Don't give up Erik
We believe in you

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The PomPom People Manifesto

Hey, Hi, How do you do?
The Pompom People say Hello to you
We want to raise spirits
We're Nihilists, Skeptics and Realists
Xenophiles,  Philanthrops, Populists and Cheerists

have compassion
re-think tradition
think positive is radical
know the power of the people
full of fervor
wish good will
offer a gift
We are for reals

Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to the PomPom People!

Ready? Ok! Greetings! Hello!
The PomPom People (or Peeps, as you prefer) make cheers for those in need of cheering up or encouragement. The squad will facilitate cheers requested through Dial-a-Cheer, a cheer hotline.
After starting solo, captain/artist Lexa Walsh seeks squad members to add to the impact and the fun.
No experience is necessary, just a genuine desire to offer good will to both friends and strangers, reinvent the cheerleading paradigm, build community, have fun, and ...? The squad will decide its own identity.
Lexa is working on a 1st draft of a 'manifesto' and will post it later this week.
Meanwhile, we'll post some existing cheers to give you some idea of who/what we are so far.
Please join us!
Best Wishes.