Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to the PomPom People!

Ready? Ok! Greetings! Hello!
The PomPom People (or Peeps, as you prefer) make cheers for those in need of cheering up or encouragement. The squad will facilitate cheers requested through Dial-a-Cheer, a cheer hotline.
After starting solo, captain/artist Lexa Walsh seeks squad members to add to the impact and the fun.
No experience is necessary, just a genuine desire to offer good will to both friends and strangers, reinvent the cheerleading paradigm, build community, have fun, and ...? The squad will decide its own identity.
Lexa is working on a 1st draft of a 'manifesto' and will post it later this week.
Meanwhile, we'll post some existing cheers to give you some idea of who/what we are so far.
Please join us!
Best Wishes.